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Netgear Night hawk xr700 speed issues


Netgear Night hawk xr700 speed issues

Hey everyone, I got a Night Hawk XR700 a week ago and having speed issues through the lan port. I’m convinced it’s a hardware issue or a software issue because I did multiple tests and searched the whole internet for this unsolved problem. I have 100 speed using the lan port on the test is shows that but when I complete the setup my wired connections go from 100 to 10. My WiFi are normal though and work fine. I disabled QOS, and BUFFER BLOAT and tried different variations of this. I also want to mention that the setup page takes insanely long to load and took me 2 hours to setup. If any admin or anyone at this point help me could you take a couple mins out if your day to help out

Model: XR700|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: Netgear Night hawk xr700 speed issues

What is your exact physical setup? Are all devices connected to the XR? Do the LAN ports appear with Amber/orange lights on the router? How did you disable QoS?
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