Netgear XR500 Router Not Giving Fast WiFi to Phones


Netgear XR500 Router Not Giving Fast WiFi to Phones

Ive been using the XR500 for a little over a year now and its perfect for my gaming that I do in the same room as the router, however my Fiance and I both experience terrible WiFi service when using our phones, specifically downstairs. We live in a small townhouse, where the living room is directly under where the router is but yet we still get bad signal downstairs. I am not sure if this is potentially an issue in the way I set up DumaOS with it because when I initially got the router I tried to tweak the settings to make my online gaming experience the best it could be, but even when im not gaming the WiFi is still pretty piss poor on our phones. Our internet provider is giving us ~300MB download speed which I verified with a speed test so I dont think that is the issue. My main thought is that I messed something up in DumaOS to over-prioritize the gaming. Any tips on good settings in DumaOS?

Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: Netgear XR500 Router Not Giving Fast WiFi to Phones

Could you tell us the QoS Settings you're using at the moment? Also are you using Smart Connect for WiFi? Have you used a WiFi analyser to find the least congested channel and change to that? Do you get full bars on the phones downstairs or less than that?
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