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Re: Netgear nighthawk xr500


Netgear nighthawk xr500

I just bought a netgear nighthawk xr500 and every time I use the admin and password information I was given to login it says that it failed to login
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Re: Netgear nighthawk xr500

Do you know if you changed these credentials when setting up the XR? If that's the case, you'll need to login with these credentials.


Otherwise, I believe you should be prompted to reset the password after a few unsuccessful attempts using the MAC address of the XR.

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Re: Netgear nighthawk xr500

the netgear devices prompt you to change the password when you first log into them. So it shouldn't be your default info. 

If you dont know that password, you can try using the password recovery: 



If you didn't setup password recovery, it still asks the questions but there isn't a correct response. So if you don't know the answers or didn't set them up, then you'd need to factory reset to get back in

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