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Netgear xr500

Hi I recetnly bought an X-ray 500 gaming router and I'm currently playing war zone on it iv had one game at a 30 ping even when I bring my circle down to 400 kilometres it's putting me in constant games at between 50 and 100 ping I'm from Scotland in the uk so surely there are better servers to connect to than the ones it's connecting me too it's like the geo filter doesn't work I don't know what the issue is if you have any info on this I would like to know because I'm starting to think it's doing nothing special from what any other router does except give you the geo filter option but as I said any other ordinary router would be giving me those ping times anyway 

Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: Netgear xr500

How are you measuring the game ping? Are you using the in game menu ping or the Geo-Filter ping as they will differ. Are the servers appearing outside your radius at all? Are you also using QoS?
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