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Re: New XR500 v2.3.2.32 Firmware Released


New XR500 v2.3.2.32 Firmware Released

I see new FW for the XR500:

New features and enhancements:

  • Improved the Smart Connect feature
  • Supports USB printers.
  • Supports WiFi HT160 for Korea and Japan.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixes security issues.
  2. Fixes the disconnection issue for wired devices.



I don't see XR450 FW, yet. Smiley Sad


Let us know how it works for you...

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Re: New XR500 v2.3.2.32 Firmware Released




Going through testing and should be in the next firmware upgrade. This was mostly a maintenance release.



What's the reason for wanting this? Disabling DPI would disable several features e.g. Network Monitor. Thanks.

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Re: New XR500 v2.3.2.32 Firmware Released

It takes a while for development and coding of FW. Can't be done over night. Sometimes FW updates and new things takes months and months. Alot goes into FW development. Other factors like vendor code and testing has to be done as well. Theres more then just NG involved. You might try to lear more about FW and how it's developed. Help prevents putting foot in mount syndrome. People who have know idea about coding and FW and development should have more patience and let those do there work. Nothing is perfect!

@jhorath wrote:


-We've heard this " going through testing...."  for 9 months now.  When does the BS stop and the expected features start?

-Can you list exactly which features it would disable?  I have heard this since release. Does this mean you're forcing preemptive algorithm?

Just an FYI, although DPI can be a great feature, any device soley dependent upon DPI for major functions will always breed inconsistnecies in network traffic.  Mark my words. DPI is a feature not a foundation. It should really only be used to inspect traffic to identify them across a network for various reasons never a relied upon constant.  I realize Iian is a coder,  he is most assuredly not a network engineer. 


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