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New here and can't figure out Static IP


New here and can't figure out Static IP

Hello All in the Netgear Community,


I am new here and I just recently bought an XR1000 Pro Gaming Router (v. and I am already having a lot of issues.


1. In the Start A New Discussion, the one I am currently filling out, the community doesn't even have XR1000 available as a selection for "Model" just abouve this text input box. How is that even possible?


My main issue---> 2. How does one create static IPs for specific MAC addresses?

Considering this is a gaming router, you would think there's a way to create static IPs through the router, considering that a LOT of games out there need PORT FORWARDING. However, how can one use Port Forwarding if the Router ONLY assigns DHCP to it's clients? How does this make sense?

Yes you can create static IP through windows, but from my experience using this router, it doesn't allow the changes to be saved on the Windows Network IPV4 configuration. Windows always tells me that there's a problem and needs to switch to DHCP...AND IT'S ONLY THIS ROUTER...my old crappy router didn't have this problem...

Can someone PLEEEEEASSE explain to me the backwardsness I am experiencing for purchasing a 300$ router and doesn't have the same functionality as a 100$ router? PLEAS PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS. IT'S DRIVING ME MAD!!!!! 




4. Ever since using this router, my Voice Channels over any Communicator keeps getting cut out. I've ensure there's enough bandwidth in the QoS management for Voice Chat. I run on 1Gbps, and I don't multitask while gaming...so how is it possible I keep getting dropped packets on audio? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE ON THIS ROUTER?!?!?! I'm literally in tears of frustration~!

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Re: New here and can't figure out Static IP

You can go to LAN Settings to set reserved IPs for devices. Can you expand on the Geo-Filter issue you're having? If you have the Geo-Filter enabled you'll likely need to add the chat servers to the allow list and you'll be good to go.
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Re: New here and can't figure out Static IP

Thank you, Netduma-Fraser!

Found reservations under LAN settings. My fault for being blind LOL.

Let me get back to the whole geo-filter thing and educate myself a bit more so I can help better explain the situation I am facing.

Currently, I have it set to off and I'll play with it more later today.


As per my voice chat issues. Whether I am using Whats App, Discord, Signal or whatever to make my calls, I find myself constantly showing packets dropped for Audio. However when I switch back to my older router, I don't see this issue.


A little more about my set up:

ISP Modem/Router (Top Floor) ----> direct ethernet to basement port ----> connects to NetGear router.


Is there something I should know regarding this set up that may be affecting this packet loss in my voice calls?

Is there any configuration details I can provide from my DUMA OS that can help clarify my issue better to you, Fraser?



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Re: New here and can't figure out Static IP

Gotcha, I understand the issue, thanks for clarifying. Could be a few things, first in WAN Settings disable the protection options and set NAT to Open - does that help?
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