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Night Hawk XR500 Priority


Night Hawk XR500 Priority

I'm having trouble prioritising the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). I have added each of the port ranges here on the desired computer (I assume each range goes in both the source and destination port?).

I have disabled DurmaOS Classified Games

However when the game is running, there is no red circle indication by "High Priority Traffic Detected"

If I enable DurmaOS Classified Games and with kids watching Netflix, etc., on thier phones there is a red circle by "High Priority Traffic Detected" (and ESO not running).

When playing ESO (through the router) the lag and ping is aweful (when phones/tablets are being used).

I briefly connected through my phone's hotspot to see if there might have been server issues, and it ran fine through the phone.


What's the easiest way to prioritise my computer and de-prioritise the phones/tablets?


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Re: Night Hawk XR500 Priority

You're definitely on the right track but keep the source ports at the default 1-65535 and just change the ports for destination. Let us know if that helps!
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