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Nighthawk RX500 Wireless vs. Wired Connection

Hello, I was wondering if anyone with a Nighthawk RX500 Pro gaming router could tell me how much of a difference there is between gaming on console or PC when running a wired or wireless connection. Im thinking about buying one but I Dont exactly have easy accsess to wired connection in my set up. The best I could do is take my netgear wifi extender, run an ethernet port from that into the nighthawk but I know it would be better if the nighthawk was plugged into the main modem.


in summery, whats the difference between gaming on a console/PC with a wireless and wored connection to the Nighthawk RX500

Model: XR500| Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: Nighthawk RX500 Wireless vs. Wired Connection

Hi there - the XR500 is a beast so for Wireless performance, it's some of the best you can find. Obviously gaming wired is always better though - you could look into a gadget called a PowerLine Adapter which allows you to create an ethernet connection through your mains power supply.


So your ideal setup would be modem - > XR500 - > Powerline Adapter -> Gaming Device(s)


But if you have to play on wireless, you can't do much better. It may have as good a performance as wired, it just depends on so many external factors. For example, how many other devices use WiFi in your home and in neighbouring homes as this can cause a lot of Wireless noise that creates interference (so lag).

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