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Nighthawk XR1000, slow wifi speeds-perfect ethernet speeds


Nighthawk XR1000, slow wifi speeds-perfect ethernet speeds

Hi all,

Recently purchased a refurbished/renewed XR1000 off amazon. Paired it with the default Spectrum modem. 


Internet is rated for 300Mbps down, while hardwired into the router I'm getting speeds as advertised. Yet via wifi signal (on both 5 and 2.4 networks) I'm barely getting 60-70mbps down with 17-20Mbps up. This is across multiple devices. 

Any advice? Tried turning off QoS on the DumaOS page but that didn't seem to change anything. Called Spectrum and they said it's more than likely the router? Fairly new to this whole networking thing. Any advice would be welcome! Thank you!

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Re: Nighthawk XR1000, slow wifi speeds-perfect ethernet speeds

Are you using Smart Connect? Here are a few suggestions that may help:
Use a WiFi analyzer to find the least congested channel and change to that
Ensure it's in an elevated position - not on a metal surface
Ensure there aren't any electrical / wireless devices e.g headphones etc within close proxity ~3 feet if possible
Set the antennae to this position _ | | _
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