Not getting 1GB Speeds


Not getting 1GB Speeds

I have cox’s gigablast and I also have the app called nighthawk on my iPhone and when I test the router speed on the app I only get 500mb in stead of 800 or 900mb even (though I have Cox gigablast) so I would like to know what setting I can change so I can have higher speeds than 500mb and I have a laptop,ps4 and Xbox one x hard wired and on my laptop I gets speed around 200mb and on my Xbox I get speed around 600mb. Please any help would be appreciated I’ve already done a lot of trouble shooting with my router and modem and I’ve already had multiple technicians come out and they did multiple wiring outside my house and inside they even give me new Ethernet cables to connect to the 3 devices that I have hard wired and I’m still getting the same speeds please help
Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: Not getting 1GB Speeds

We need to figure out if your slow speeds are a consequence of your line, or of your internal network setup.


When you connect a computer directly to your modem, do your speeds improve or remain the same?

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