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PS4 Console Traceroute, Ping and Log Questions


PS4 Console Traceroute, Ping and Log Questions


Have a couple of related questions.

1. Been having a bunch of issues in connecting to various PSN services lately. My ISP requested me to conduct a PS4 ping and traceroute test and send them the relevant log for processing. Is there a way to do it via the XR500 router solely or I need additional software to conduct these tests?

2. Is there a possibility to incorporate a router script which would implement static routes to PSN IPs and in-game multiplayer servers that are available to me?

Thank you

Model: XR500| Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: PS4 Console Traceroute, Ping and Log Questions

1. What PSN services are these? Have you confirmed if you encounter the same issues connected directly to the ISP hub? No need to do that. I'd get a bit more information on what exactly they want. Just a ping to the PS4 or a PSN server itself?
2. Theres always a possibility, we're open to user suggestions but I don't think that would come in for awhile.
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Re: PS4 Console Traceroute, Ping and Log Questions

PSN party (partially available), PS status (not available) PS store (partially available), and some multiplayer games, e.g. Battlefront 2 (all amazon German based servers are not available) and Battlefield 1 (all amazon German based servers are also not available) . The whole issue stems from the fact that our local Internet regulator started to block certain amazon IP addresses/subnets that rerouted outlawed Telegram traffic to Russian users. Hence, my ISP wants to check to which PSN IP addresses my console is trying to connect in order to deploy a custom DNS solution on their backend that would allow affected PSN users in their network to get connected to non-affected PSN ip ranges 

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