Pairing XR500 with a GS810EMX


Pairing XR500 with a GS810EMX

I currently own an Xr500. I have quickly realized I don't have enough ethernet ports for all my devices as well as the media server and time machine backup I am trying to create would the GS810EMX be a good option for more ports or is there something else I should use?  If I used the GS810 EMX or another option what would the best way to set this up be? i just purchased the xr500 from amazon so if returning it and getting something with more ports is a better option i might just do that 


let me know what you all think!


Model: XR500| Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: Pairing XR500 with a GS810EMX

There should be no issue using a Switch with the XR500. In terms of which would go best with it any switch that has the amount of ports you need should do the job just fine.
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