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Pattern Ping Spikes XR1000 Router


Pattern Ping Spikes XR1000 Router

All supporting documentation in 1 file: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J4nRlw3awDXeSo65SOmqllB0moj_kmti/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=108416615...



I am seeing large ping spikes that occur every 2 minutes, this lasts for about 75mins and then the connection goes to less extreme latency fluctuation for about 90 mins (odd baseline jumps), repeat. It is fairly consistent and there is definitely a pattern to it. You'll see from timestamps in the PingPlotter data that this happens no matter how much activity is on the router, i.e. 2am and occurs during and outside of "peak usage hours". This behavior doesn't seem to be the case when I connect directly to the modem, which leads me to believe something is happening at the router though I'm not 100% certain. Please refer to attachments for PingPlotter data.


What has been tried thus far:

I have tried factory reset on both modem and router, power cycles allowing for ample time in-between each step. Re-activated modem with ISP, I believe it re-provisions (done through xfinity app just like initial set up). I have had a technician from xfinity come out twice, second time he replaced the line from the node completely just in case and redid the F-connectors on the coax cable coming into the wall plate on both sides and the side going into the modem. Also F-connectors were obviously redone when the line from the node was replaced as well. Xfinity tech has tested the line at each individual connection point and isn't seeing anything abnormal on his modem. 


Equipment & Environment:

ISP: Comcast/Xfinity - 400mbps download

Modem:  DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem (CM2000) 

Cable Firmware Version V8.01.02

Router:  AX5400 WiFi Gaming Router (XR1000) 

Firmware Version
DumaOS Version 3.1.1

Environment: 10 way split Node --> New line (xfinity tech install 2-17-23) approx. 50ft --> Demarc box on side of house --> no splitter just connector --> cable (2yrs old xfinity tech install) runs through crawlspace approx. 30ft --> Wall plate --> new cable 5ft. --> Modem --> cat5e (came with router) 3ft. --> Router --> cat5e --> Computer.


Router logs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qTvm14L8FTtLLK7fqxxigaJnDmuFpzE9/view?usp=share_link

  1. The DHCP IP spam was due to the router recently changing its ip to "avoid conflict with the ISP" now, was before. So all of my connected devices naturally needed IPV4 reassignment. Issue was present before and after ip change.
  2. Internet disconnects are from me changing the computer to connect through the router or just to the modem for PingPlotter tests. 

Modem administration page and logs below:

  1. I do know that Netgear recommends 38-48dBmV on upstream channels and mine are just below that. I believe this is because I don't have a single splitter anywhere in the connection after the node, so the ISP is pushing a certain power level under the assumption a splitter with be added. I can add a splitter back in to bring upstream power up 3.5dBmV and downstream power down 3.5dBmV if needed and retest. But it should be noted the problem was there before when a splitter was on.


At this point I am hoping someone can help me narrow down if the router is doing this, or if there is something wrong with how the modem is being provisioned and issues at the CMTS. I don't really have a reference for what is normal as I only started testing once issues came about a few months ago (noticed while gaming), this was around the time I got this new modem and router. I will say I have played some games on just the modem connection during the PingPlotter trace and didn't see or feel any noticeable issues in my connection while gaming. Contrary to where it is pretty obvious when I am connected through the router while gaming you can feel those ping spikes, even though they are brief.



  1. I have not messed with any of the special features in the router (QoS, geo-filter, etc).
  2. My modem and router are less than 1 year old (august 2022), so I'm not sure if there is a hardware issue but I would like to figure that out before the 1 year warranty expires in case of RMA. 
  3. PingPlotter graphs the 6 hour views show latency on the graph incorrectly, as all green and under 100ms, but when you shrink the timeline view you then accurately see the spikes are 200ms +, more images are further down in the doc showing this
  4. Red strikeout in the PingPlotter images are my local city name
  5. I have the PingPlotter data exports of these traces if that is helpful but the attachment type is not allowed. Router connected- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d7VFz2piDrk8J-PupnjnUqxwkUyHPqXQ/view?usp=share_link Modem only - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aMBUsEsnxvkw5I2MSuooECSY97pJQjia/view?usp=share_link

Modem Info & Logs:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AOeWzZ6Huj8KQEtCpfxDPrYlQTREcEik/view?usp=sharing

Router Connected 6hr view 1/2Router Connected 6hr view 1/2Router Connected 6hr view 2/2Router Connected 6hr view 2/2Router Connected 30min viewRouter Connected 30min viewRouter Connected single ping spike with values at each hopRouter Connected single ping spike with values at each hopModem only 6hr view 1/2Modem only 6hr view 1/2Modem only 6hr view 2/2Modem only 6hr view 2/2Modem only 30min viewModem only 30min viewModem only 30min view 2Modem only 30min view 2

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Re: Pattern Ping Spikes XR1000 Router

Thank for posting in so much detail, that's really helpful.


The patterns your noticing do definitely suggest that the issue is in your line rather than the local router itself. The way to test this would be to disconnect the XR1000 for a few days (or however long it takes to reproduce the issue usually) and reconnect your ISP equipment. Play for a few days on your ISP equipment and check if you still notice the same behaviour. I suspect you will, as we can see from the Ping Plotter's that there's a lot of packet loss further upstream.


Take that info to your ISP and see what they can do to help. Sometimes providing things like Ping Plotter tests can be useful to them for debugging where the issue lies.

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Re: Pattern Ping Spikes XR1000 Router

I contacted Xfinity and got a rental gateway (modem/router) from them. Sure enough seeing the same sort of latency spikes on their equipment. I have had technicians out here 3 times already and have replaced just about every connector and cable to no avail. I have another appointment scheduled for March 12th, so we'll see what they say at that point, the technicians seem to have done everything in their power at this point to help, so it may be a battle of getting the issue escalated. I have showed the technicians the testing on ping plotter when in my home, hoping this can get to a point where a network engineer on their side reviews the logs and can find and resolve the issue. 

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Re: Pattern Ping Spikes XR1000 Router

Next time you get the CM modem back online, Please post a copy and paste of the modems connection status and event log page.

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