Plex Media Server ReadyNas with XR700 Nighthawk Router

Hi there. First off, sorry if this was posted in the wrong discussion. I reposted this from another discussion and hope this is the right spot for it now. That being said, I had a question in regards to my Nighthawk XR700 Gaming router and Plex Media Server.

I just downloaded the new firmware update V1.0.1.36 onto my XR 700 router and did a factory reset, all is working well so far.

Now i'm trying to install my Plex Media Server (that wasnt installed before so first time doing this) and I keep getting the, "No USB device found, please connect a usb device to the router" error.

My setup is as follows:


Router: Nighthawk XR700 on latest firmware.

USB Storage device: Netgear ReadyNas RN214 16TB (Network Attached Storage)

- Also have a WD MyCloud 8TB but not using this in the setup.


I have the Netgear Nas registered in the XR700 "USB Storage" > "ReadyCloud" and it appears as a router icon when I sign into my nas via the inertenet. I then connected the Netgear NAS to my router via a USB 3.0 Data transfer cable A-A however the USB device doesnt show up. Does the XR700 PMS (Plex Media Server) support NAS devices? The one im using is created by Netgear itself so I figured it should be compatible.


What has to be done to get PMS up and running through my XR700? Also, does the media HAVE to be on the attached USB drive when connected to the router or can I access the media over the network lets say on my laptop or NAS. What is the USB device that I have to connect used for? To install the plex app and store logs there or is it used for the actual video files?


Thanks in advance for your help!


- Matt

Model: XR700|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: Plex Media Server ReadyNas with XR700 Nighthawk Router

Thanks for posting!

The Plex media server feature is not actually a part of DumaOS, but I'll do my best to help you anyway! Otherwise we may need to speak to a member of the Netgear team.


My thoughts so far are that because the XR700 does all the networking elements of the Plex server itself, adding a NAS will be doubling up on those features and therefore likely won't work. Do you have a regular external HDD that you can connect so we can narrow down the issue? I would expect you to see the same issues if you were to connect the MyCloud drive as this is also a NAS.


EDIT: Apologies, I've just seen your other post. I'll leave this here anyway but as Fraser mentioned in your other post, this may be something you'll need to discuss with Netgear using the link he provided!

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