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QOS Toolkit XR500


QOS Toolkit XR500

I bought this router for the QOS Toolkit. I know it is marketed/sold as a gaming router but to my understanding you can turn off Classified Games (does this mean that it becomes a router with a rather great qos toolkit)?


While there are people in the household that game, it isn't a priorioty so a bit of lag here and there isn't going to be frowned upon.


However, there are multiple people who work from home using Citrix and VoIP(VoIP is only one person and there is a Cisco device that I plan on just allocating minute bandwidth - 1 mb up and down though I feel that is high). Is there a way to get Citrix packets to the front of the line? Maybe prioritize those devices? But we are trying not to have to prioritize devices so that everyone feels it's a fair set up.


I am interested in the Anti Flood, it seems like it is a great idea. Do I need to allocate any bandwidth for it to work or does it just prioritize packets or the like? Obviosuly I am not asking for anyone to go into the details as I understand it is a secret so I guess the question is do I need to allocate bandwidth for it to work ( I haven't gotten a chance to take a look at anything on the router yet). I assume this is what stops buffering in videos etc?


Can I allocate bandwidth per device? Will it automatically leave the rest for ther others? I have 25+ devices but I really only need to allocate 6 max. I have a TP Link that allows me set bandwidth per device. All I have to do is enter what the ISP gives me and from there use the DHCP reserved IP or MAC address, ports, TCP/UDP or both and whatever bandwidth I want to give it. Is it similar or as easy on this router? Do I have to limit it to 70,80,95% (ISP given) so the algorithim in this router can work correctly?


Can I assign web services (Steam downloads but not games, Utorrent, Citrix, VoIP, email, Netflix etc - in no particular order) more bandwidth or priority over others? Hyper traffic is my thought but being as I haven't had a chance to check out the router I am unsure how customizable this feature is.


Does the XR500 have profiles like the Netduma R1? The Non - Gaming one is most important to me. Though being as I spent 300 on the router I doubt I will be lazy but I am curious none the less. I would take a look to get an idea of how I may want to set it up based on that profile though.


I am thinking something along the lines of anti flood, prioritizing the most important devices and letting the rest fend for themselves. I feel that woould be the easiest and anti flood should take care of buffering issues. Though this could be looked at as being lazy =D







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Re: QOS Toolkit XR500

VOIP & Citrix probably does not use much bandwidth so if you Traffic Prioritize them it should not negatively impact other users. Identify the ports they're using, then you can manually add them for the devices in Traffic Prioritization.

You don't need to allocate bandwidth for Anti-Bufferbloat to work, as long as you've input the speed of your connection then set Anti-Bufferbloat to Always & 70% for both download & upload to start with then it'll be fine. Yes that should prevent videos that buffer due to local congestion.

By default it will give any excess bandwidth to devices that need it and you can allocate if needed, though I should think you could probably leave this alone as long as Anti-Bufferbloat is enabled.

No not specifically and I would not recommend prioritizing high bandwidth applications.

Sort of, you can set up Anti-Bufferbloat to only throttle when high priority traffic is detected, otherwise it will act as though it's at 100%. Also the Geo-Filter has profiles to set it up for whatever game you want to play.
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Re: QOS Toolkit XR500

Thank you for your super fast response. I will post back after I get it up and running for awhile with my experience.
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