Re: Router hasn't been the same since DoS attacked


Router hasn't been the same since DoS attacked

So my friends and I were playing Call of Duty on Xbox One. We were trying our hearts out and won against them 2 games in a row, in the middle of the third one of the group began DoS'ing us. Two of my friends were booted completely offline. My router was shut down completely. I had to call Comcast 3 times in order to get it sorted out. Finally after an hour and a half my internet was seemingly working properly


It was a major inconvenience, however my Netduma recorded the DoS attacks in the log and I have the IP's. I would post the picture on here but I'm not sure if that's allowed. I received numerous attacks every 5-10 seconds like clockwork for an hour. From Teardrop to Jolt2. This hasn't happened to me in years but it's sad that it happens so easily once an IP is acquired.


Almost 24 hours later, my Geo-filter hasn't detected that I have been joining a dedicated server, just peers located in or out of my range. I also have been getting a lot of players entering my game OUTSIDE of my range. Keep in mind this was not an issue prior to DoS attack. I was getting into dedicated CoD servers frequently as well as only having Peers within my range (500-1000 miles). Bear in mind, my settings are for filtered mode and strict.


I also have been suffering disconnects from Xbox parties which 95% of the time doesnt happen. I changed the router login as well as the wifi passwords. I would like to know my options on how I can get my expensive router to be working properly again since I invested in it, and I love it. Please and thank you.

Model: XR500| Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: Router hasn't been the same since DoS attacked

Well it could be catching up with the connection requests but presumably the ISP would have solved that. I know it seems like a simple solution but a reboot of the router would probably clear it out, can you try that please?
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Re: Router hasn't been the same since DoS attacked

I've already rebooted the router 5 times since last night but I'll probably try it again if it persists through tomorrow. Any other tips?

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Re: Router hasn't been the same since DoS attacked

Try a factory reset and setup from scratch. 

What is the Mfr and model# of the ISP modem? 

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Re: Router hasn't been the same since DoS attacked

I'll explain the Geo-Filter issues you've encountered as I'm not sure they're issues that would have arised from an attack.

The Geo-Filter can't prevent other players joining certain servers, it can only make sure you connect to the closest server which gives you an advantage as you have the lower ping to the server. Could also be a server just classified as a peer that we'd need to update. Can check if you like by doing an IP lookup on the domain name. The disconnect from Xbox parties could be because you need to add your friends to your allow list.

A factory reset would not be a bad idea in this instance to ensure theres no lasting affects from the attack.
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