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Follower NOT loading- the page isn't working

Hi Guys,


My whatsapp on my MAC just suddenly stopped working so I wanted to check my router settings and realized that I cannot access my or page.


I've tried from my desktop that has ethernet connection... but still absolutely nothing... I am getting the "this page isn't working".


the isn't working either... I don't quite know what is going on...


I was thinking about a hard reset... but not sure if I want to go there just yet.

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Re: NOT loading- the page isn't working

What Firmware is currently loaded?
What is the Mfr and model# of the ISP modem the NG router is connected too?

What is the IP address that your getting from the router on your PC? 192.168.1.###?


What browser are you using? Try IE11, FF or Opera? 



My Setup (Cable 1Gbps/50Mbps)>CM1200 v2.02.03(LAG Disabled)>RBK853 v3.2.18.223/SRK30 V3.2.33.106)
Additional NG HW: C7800/CM1100/CAX80/CM2000, Orbi CBK40, RBK50, R7800, R7960P, EX7500/EX7700, XR450(v2.3.2.120) and WNHDE111
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Re: NOT loading- the page isn't working

This may be a bit of a classic IT support answer... But have you tried turning it off and on again?

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