Sky internet (sky fibre max)


Sky internet (sky fibre max)

Hey all Iam currently with sky, using sky fibre max - only getting 35mbps download and 3mbps upload on the Sky provided box (model ER110)  my eldest boy plays fortnite at a pro level but he keeps getting high ping and packet loss during important games - we currently have 2 Gaming PCs connected via cat7 Ethernet and about 7 mobile phones / iPads connected via wireless - can someone please recommend a product we can use to give my sons PCs priority internet over the other devices so he doesn't get these issues. Best regards, Tardi.

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Re: Sky internet (sky fibre max)

DumaOS has several features that can help with these problems. Our QoS features allow you to balance network usage around your house so that one device's activity doesn't interrupt another.


For example, if somebody is playing an online game and somebody else starts a download, this can cause the ping to increase in the game due to packet loss. Our QoS features have several ways to combat this.


One feature is called Anti-Bufferbloat. This limits the bandwidth of all devices on the network when gaming traffic is detected. This doesn't sound ideal, but the breathing room created by reducing the bandwidth temporarily means that gaming packets can get through uninterrupted.


There's also a traffic prioritization feature that allows you to prioritize a specific device or even specific traffic from that device. There's an automatic "DumaOS Classified Games" filter which forwards traffic that we know to be gaming related.


The Geo-Filter is another useful feature that allows you to block servers that are outside of a specified radius around your house, stopping you from being connected to servers with a less than ideal ping.


Anyway that's a quick rundown of DumaOS. It's available on the Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming series of routers, which includes the XR300, XR500 and XR700. The XR500 is our most popular model and is my reccomendation based on price vs performance.

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Re: Sky internet (sky fibre max)

Thank you, will look into the routers you have suggested.


Tardi. 👍

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