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Re: Spectrum and Nighthawk Gaming routers


Spectrum and Nighthawk Gaming routers

Was considering purchasing a Nighthawk gaming router (either the XR500 or XR300).  Is this router compatible with the Spectrum Internet service?  Just upgraded to their Ultra service (400 mbps) and was looking to get a new gaming router to replace the Sagecom Fast 5260 router that Spectrum supplied. 


Current modem supplied by Spectrum is Hitron EN2251.


I have seen references to making sure the ISP is compatible before purchasing a router and have also seen references to Spectrum "compatible" routers.  Not sure what makes them compatible or not compatible.  Will the Netgear Gamer routers (XR500 or XR300) will work with Spectrum service and the Hitron modem?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance - 



Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: Spectrum and Nighthawk Gaming routers

Yes absolutely it will. Unless an ISP specifically forbids using third party routers then any router including the XR series will work with any ISP/connection type as long as it is connected to the ISP router/modem/ONT.
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