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Trouble w/ all Apple Products


Trouble w/ all Apple Products

Hello! We just moved to a new home where we switched to Suddenlink and brought a brand new router - the XR500 Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router. I am able to use the wifi no problem with my Windows laptop, however when trying to login on a MacBook it is unable to connect. When trying to login on our iPhones and my iPad it says incorrect password or just spins and never connects even though the password is correct. I was able to login with one of the iPhones in our home the first day and it had no trouble, however now the wifi comes and goes. It is so odd that the internet works perfectly for my windows PC, but no apple products. Please help!

Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: Trouble w/ all Apple Products

Thanks for posting!


What firmware are you currently running? I'd advise making sure you're up to date, you can find the latest firmware here:



If you do need to update, make sure you perform a factory reset after the update!

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Re: Trouble w/ all Apple Products

What WiFi settings are you using currently? Are you using Smart Connect? If so disable that and see if they can connect more easily.
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