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Usage stats by device

Usage stats by device

I'm looking for a new router that will show aggragrated network usage stats by device, so basically how much is each device using per day/week/month. I currently have an Orbi RBR50 and I know that doesn't show it but I'm looking to switch to another router that will display this. Do any of the gaming routers xr500/xr700 have this feature? From what I've seen the DumaOS can show real time device usage stats but it doesn't seem able to show historical stats per device. In all my searching I have seen very few routers that support this,  some Asus router seem to do this but they get bad reviews so I'm avoiding those.  Also I heard DD-WRT might be an option as well. Thanks!


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Re: Usage stats by device

It doesn't have this feature at the moment but you will see something like this in our next update DumaOS 3.0. I couldn't say when it would be released but it is our intention to have a beta soon.
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