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VPN Link to home


VPN Link to home

Hi everybody!


I'm new here, was tyying to find the answer but without success.

I'm trying to set an VPN connection to my home (from anywhere in the world). It seems a straight forward task, right? Well, not on mine router. Previously I've had an old Asus router, all I had to do is to set username and password. Simple as that.

On Netgear I'm activating VPN, clicked apply. The answer is : Sorry mate, you can not do that, please use smart dns service. But I do not need it, my IP address is fixed, its been worked with Asus for years. My provider is Plusnet UK with Static IP option.

How Can I working it out here?


Also small comment to the product itself.

I'm not a gamer, I just wanted a good router with extended mesh point which I can backhaul to ethernet. I've seen a lot of advertisement, function presentations etc.

In there that was a great product, in reality - not really .

Yeah, I can create a secure VPN connection (outbound this time), but there are 2 providers to choose from... None of those are the one I'm using.

Where is an adblock option? I'm on Dumaos 3 beta btw.


So, 3 mentioned features sold me out, cant use any of them...

Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: VPN Link to home

1. Are you looking for a connection to your home network or just to access the router interface? If the latter then remote management would be an easier solution.
2. As long as you have the OpenVPN Configuration files you can use any VPN provider you like with Hybrid VPN.
3. Adblock isn't in the current beta build, it may come later on but that is up to Netgear.
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