VPN for RDP?


VPN for RDP?

I want to enable RDP on my windows compuer to the internet, but make it not exposed to the entire WAN. I believe the r6700 has a open vpn option. Is it possible to make it so only machines connected to the openvpn connection on the router are able to auth?


I'm using a netgear CM500 & netgear r6700. My goal is to be able to rdp from other networks but only when the other machines are on a openvpn connection. I believe I have to create the open vpn tunnel, enable rdp, and forward the port? I also want to change the port so its not default.

Model: R6700|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: VPN for RDP?

A second problem I have is that my 5ghz connection seems too strong. When leaving the house i'm still connected to wireless on my samsung galaxy s9 but not receiving data. Should I lower the power?

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Re: VPN for RDP?

Hi there, I'd recommend you post this over in the Nighthawk community instead:

This community is for the XR series of routers.
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