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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

Weak Signal Zero Distance


Weak Signal Zero Distance

Model: Nighthawk (XR1000) AX5400 - Couldn't find that model in the dropdown for model number. 

Purchase Date: 8 March 2022

Firmware Version1.0.0.58

Current GUI Language Version: V1.0.0.46_2.1.46.1



Weak WiFi signal. Signal strength doesn't go up even placing phone directly next to router or antenea. 


2.4GHz device named Elisa iPhone was in same room with clear line of sight. Approximately  4ft away from router. 


5GHz device named Shane iPhone was 1inch from router for testing. Even directly next to the router signal strength was minus 1.


EDIT: Not sure why the image isn't showing up. I attached the image as well.



Router Placement


Router is on wood TV stand. There are no shelves above or to the sides the router (open air). Electrical devies near router are TV and Xbox Series X. Previous router, TP-Link Archer 5400 provided full signal strength in the same location. 


Steps taken:


  • Initial setup using guided setup via Nighthawk App.
  • Checked for firmware update via App - no update found. 
  • Checked for firmware update via DumaOS - no update found.
  • Enabled IPv6 through DumaOS.
  • Ensured QOS was off. 


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Re: Weak Signal Zero Distance

One of the few times the proper forum for your device is a good idea. The DumaOS guys are super responsive and knowledgeable about those devices. 


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Re: Weak Signal Zero Distance

That my bad, I tried finding the correct place to post, didn't see the gaming specifc section. I'll copy my post over there. Thank you.

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Re: Weak Signal Zero Distance

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