Whats the correct QOS settings?


Whats the correct QOS settings?

I have these three devices in my network. I have QOS in the router set to 70 up and 70 down. I have the switch set to 16 in limit and 256 out limit in gaming mode on port 1. My package speed is 1000 download and 40 upload. I’m wondering if having QOS enabled in both the router and the switch will cause a problem? Should I disable QOS in the switch somehow and just further tweak QOS in the router? I’ve been using dsl reports to adjust for max bufferbloat grade. Thanks!
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Re: Whats the correct QOS settings?

The bufferbloat ranking on DSLreports is pretty innacurate when it comes to the DumaOS anti-bufferbloat feature. It's because we do it in an entirely different way than any other solution.


Now obviously as i'm an employee of Netduma i'd reccomend you disable the anti-bufferbloat features on any device other than the XR500. You should then totally flood your connection from multiple sources so that your ping is unstable. You can then use PingPlotter to monitor your ping as you adjust the Anti-Bufferbloat sliders 10% at a time. Basically you just want to get it to the point where your ping is stable despite all of the other devices vying for bandwidth.


Now since you have very high bandwidth anyway, it might not even be neccersary to use anti-bufferbloat. I imagine it would be hard to flood a connection that fast.

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