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Re: XR 1000 owner here


XR 1000 owner here

XR 1000 owner here, and im stuck on the same exact problem that the whole entire thread is speaking about. I've read through the whole thing and did all the recommendations and i'm having the same exact problems. My router is busted. I've factory reset more times than i can count and cant even log in as admin due to the haserl CGI error. I'm about fed up and ready to leave netgear permanently because of how bad this router has been. I've owned this router only a year and a half, and have had to reset this thing bi-monthly if not weekly after owning it for a few months. Any words of advice on this thing before i go blow another $300 on an ASUS?

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Re: XR 1000 owner here

After resetting the XR, could you please clear your browser's cache, then access the interface from an incognito/private window and see if you're still finding the error?

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