XR-500 Dropping some (but not all) devices DAILY



I've been dealing with an issues for the better part of a year now and I'm about ready to ditch the routher....hoping it's just me doing something wrong that can be easily tweaked.   The issues is, daily some devices will not have internet, while others work just fine.  It's a combination of wireless and wired too. For example, here is a very common scenario in our house: 

  1. Wireless Macbook Pro connects and interenet working
  2. Some of the Amazon Echo devices work, while others cannot connect to the interenet. 
  3. Hardwired SmartTV is connected but says no internet available
    1. FireTV sticks plugged into same TV (wireless) isn not working, but FIreTV sticks connected to other TV's further from router have no issue.  
  4. Hardwired PC's are all working fine
  5. Other wireless devices such as Nest and Smart plugs are conneected and working fine. 

I've tried using different cables, resetting the router to it's original state, using differeent channels, etc.  


I used to use some of the more "fancy" features such as geo-filtering and anti-bufferbloat, but I've turned them off as we seem to get better performance without them.  I don't know enough about assigning IP's, port forward, etc., so I don't use any of that stuff either.   I'm basically using as "just" a router.   *If there is a benefit to using static IP's, etc, I'm all for giving it a shot if there are some "how to" articles out there.  


Firmware version is V2.3.2.66. 


My Modem is a Netgear CM600, and I'm also using the Nighthawk X6S (Model EX8000) on the top level of my house/opposite side of the XR500.  (All three levels need internet and the XR-500 alone wasn't hitting the mark by itself) 


Any advice would be extremely helpful as we are a household of 5 people working from home and doing distance learning from home due to local school closures (Covid).     Thanks for your help! 

Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: XR-500 Dropping some (but not all) devices DAILY

I'd first recommend that you upgrade to the beta and see if that resolves it.

Also if you're using Smart Connect for WiFi I would disable that and connect to either 2.4 or 5GHz manually.
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