XR 500 keeps cutting my download speed in half on my wired PC.

I just bought this router a couple days ago and it was easy to set up, but ever since i've set it up my download speed is at 50mb or less, but it should be at 100 or close.


I've looked through the forum and tried some of the suggestions and nothing, if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.


Here's what i've tried so far:


-Messed with the anti-bufferbloat and putting bandwidth higher than my provider provides and nothing, I even put them really low and it slowed my internet(don't know why anyone would do that) so it works.


-I have applied "always" "when high" and "never" and nothing happens.


-I've put the dowload slider to 70% like it recommends, nothing.


-I also disabled QoS.


-Ipv6 is disabled, even tried auto detect.


-I did a factory reset on the router, and it actually tells me my right speed when it's trying to detect (both times)


-As of now I only have my pc wired and speed test is still below 50mb. but my phone on wifi sometimes gets 98.9 last time i check


-I put my old router to see if it was internet traffic, but nope speed test went up to 90 and up, switched back to XR right away and tested, but download speed is cut in half again, usually worse.


-Lastly I want to mention that I go from modem to router then devices.





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Re: XR 500 keeps cutting my download speed in half on my wired PC.

If you phone is getting higher than what a wired speed test is saying and the internal speed test reports the correct speed then it sounds like a specific issue with that device or the ethernet cable being used
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