XR1000 5Ghz dropping/Slow Speeds


XR1000 5Ghz dropping/Slow Speeds

Not sure what is going on with my router but, I've called support several times, they seem to not know what the issue is...

My 2.4Ghz network works fine or as expected, but my 5Ghz network either drops completely or allows me to connect with not even 1 mb download and I have fiber 1gb internet

We've tried factory resetting, changing the network channel for the 5Ghz network which makes it work with high speeds for only a few seconds then goes to **** again. Also downgraded the firmware to previous version and still not working correctly

I have QOS disabled as well

Does anyone know a fix for this? I feel like I've tried everything.
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Re: XR1000 5Ghz dropping/Slow Speeds

Thanks for the detail, sorry to hear about this!


If you enable SmartConnect from the Network settings -> Wireless, do you still see the same low speeds on devices that use 5GHz?


How have you disabled QoS? I'd suggest doing if from the three-line menu in Congestion Control/Anti-Bufferbloat.

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