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XR1000 Need to change the openvpn keys/certs


XR1000 Need to change the openvpn keys/certs

I'm looking for a way to update the keys and certificates in the openvpn config on the device. It wasn't listed in the model drop-down (too new?), but it's the XR1000 Nighthawk. I'm familiar with configuring openvpn if I can access a commandline interface on the device. Support has told me that it's not possible to enable telnet and they've escalated a feature request to add an import function to the UI.


After not having success with the official support route, I've found a couple suggestions that don't seem to work with this model. I'm able to load the debug.htm page, but there's no telnet option for this model. The telnetenable (python version) also didn't cause the telnet port to open.


Any other ideas?



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Re: XR1000 Need to change the openvpn keys/certs

As far as I am aware there is nothing you can do regarding that unfortunately.
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Re: XR1000 Need to change the openvpn keys/certs

Thanks that's what it looks like, just wanted to confirm. I'm really surprised they don't at least have a button for regeneration. The suggestions I've seen from support for comprimised keys is to change the port Smiley LOL. Even just using the VPN means that I need to trust the initial generation and handling of the ones that are provided.

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