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XR1000 VPN client almost working


XR1000 VPN client almost working

I have an XR1000 router (latest firmware -- checked it today), which I really like so far. I only have one issue I can't resolve. I have the router acting as a VPN server and my phone (Android) can connect to the VPN server. Once connected I can browse the Internet (slowly). I can even access the router via the VPN. What I can't do is access anything else on the home (wired) network while I am on VPN. Any suggestions?

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Re: XR1000 VPN client almost working

A little more information. I can see the traffic from my mobile phone is reaching the systems on my home network. Example (ss command on Linux):

tcp FIN-WAIT-1 0 3421 [::ffff:]:http [::ffff:]:54570

Based on this, I thought the systems on the local LAN didn't know how to route traffic from so I added a static route (see attached).


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