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XR1000 VPN compatability


XR1000 VPN compatability

Any new developments in the VPN department concerning this router? I just tried to sign up for a VPN service and if it weren't for an honest Express VPN representative telling me it would brick my router, I would've bought it. Does netgear make a better router than the XR1000 that boasts it creates "the best online gaming experience on any platform" ?
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Re: XR1000 VPN compatability

I'm afraid no updates as yet, the obstacle with Hybrid VPN for the XR1000 is very low-level, so it requires a lot of investigation from our porting team to work around it if it is possible.


You wouldn't be able to add anything concerning an Express VPN subscription to the VPN service section as this is used to run a VPN server on the router to give you secure access to you local network from outside it. I'm not sure where the router getting bricked would come into that.

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