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XR1000 and Firmware Update


XR1000 and Firmware Update

Dear Netgear Team,

I am writing to express my concern regarding the upcoming firmware update for the XR1000 router. As a user of your product, I have experienced several issues with its current firmware that have impacted my overall experience. I kindly request that you expedite the release of the next firmware update for the XR1000 router. This update is crucial for the router's stability and performance, and I believe it will address the issues that I and many other users are experiencing. I understand that firmware updates can take time, but I recently received confirmation from the DumaOs team that they are waiting for approval/response from Netgear regarding the firmware. I am confident that you can act accordingly to get a stable firmware released so that I can finally use my product as it was intended to function. Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to a prompt response.



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Re: XR1000 and Firmware Update

So you might give us more details on what your having problems with your router. What issues are you seeing specifically?

NG doesn't give out when and if FW is forth coming. 


I saw little or no issues with my XR1000 when I had it online last year:


Worked very well in fact. Was impressed by it. I got mine used off Amazon as well. 

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Re: XR1000 and Firmware Update

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