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XR1000 not reaching Gigabit speed


XR1000 not reaching Gigabit speed

Hello all, 


I apologize for another discussion related to XR1000 low speeds, but I have checked almost all posts here and couldn't find a solution, so here I'm. 


I recently upgraded my speeds to 1200mbps and doing tests, I can't get my XR1000 to reach near this speed. Had reached Xfinity and everything seems to be ok. When testing my PC wired to the Xfinity router/gateway I'm getting speeds around 1280~1310mbps. When wired my pc to the Xr1000 I can't get more than 912mbps. 
My Xfinity router is in Bridge mode, connected to my Xr1000 using the cat cable provided in the box and from the Xr1000 I'm using CAT6 cable. I don't thing my problem are cables since when connected to the Xfinity router I'm getting more than the plan offers, so, as Xfinity said, my services are at 116%.

On my XR1000 I have QoS disable, Armor Off and have performed a hard reset 2x.

I'm not sure if I'm missing something or not but any help is welcome.

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Re: XR1000 not reaching Gigabit speed

The XR1000 uses gigabit ethernet hardware, so I'm afraid you're currently at the max throughput possible for the router. You won't get exactly 1000mbps, it'll always be a little less than this as you're seeing currently.

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