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XR1000 with Netgear Armor throttling speeds


XR1000 with Netgear Armor throttling speeds

I previously upgraded to the CM2000 modem and XR1000 router with Xfinity speeds of 600mbps down and 25mbps up. With Netgear Armor enabled I was getting roughly: 


iphone 11 pro (wifi)~450down 23up

ps5 (ethernet) ~189down 10up

macbook pro 2011(ethernet) ~614down 23up


After restarting my modem countless times, rebooting the router, turning on/off QoS, and speaking with Xfinity, I came across a Netgear community page where someone was also having issues with their XR1000 and it was determined that Netgear Armor was causing speed issues among other things.


As soon as I disabled Netgear Armor all my speeds improved, most notably my ps5. It went from 189down 10up, to roughly 450down 20up and my iphone jumped up to 590down 23up.


My question is why does the combination of Netgear Armor and the XR1000 cause speed issues? I paid for Netgear Armor thinking that it was a good investment, but it seems to be hindering performace across all my devices. And how is it that my ps5 hardwired has a slower connection than my iphone over wifi?

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Re: XR1000 with Netgear Armor throttling speeds

That's something you'll need to make a direct ticket with Netgear about as it's not something we can help with specifically. Regarding the console, their speed tests aren't the most accurate so I'd take them with a pinch of salt.
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