XR300 not reaching expected ISP Speeds


XR300 not reaching expected ISP Speeds

Hey all, I've recently purchased the Nighthawk XR300, and have recently started using it but I've noticed that the speeds aren't reaching my expected ISP speeds, 1000mbps. I read on the website specifications that the router can support up to 1.7GBPS, and even more on wired. But how am I only getting 175MBPS on my Note 10+ and even less than that at 58MBPS on my Macbook Air?


Internet plan: NBN Fibre
QoS disabled

Connected through Macbook Air 2018 and Galaxy Note 10+

Model: XR300|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: XR300 not reaching expected ISP Speeds

No need to make another topic, I have replied to your other one.
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