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XR500 - Connection issues


XR500 - Connection issues



so i have been having a issue with my internet randomly disconnecting all devices wether it be wifi or lan there all effected the same and happens about 15 to 20 mins. but restarting router seems to fix it for a few hours. then it will start the same disconecting every 15 to 20 mins


the lights of the router do not change there all on and stay on no matter what the internet is like for the devices. ( if i actually lose internet the internet light will go out though )


ive been struggling with this for about 2 weeks or so and would like to play some games and not have to worry about disconnecting lol


things ive tried -


ive tried factory reseting it twice

tried a different ethernet cords from modem to router and router to pc ( covering my bases)

ive connected my pc directly to my modem and runs perfectly fine

QoS and Geo-Filter are both turned off/disabled

ipv6 is already disabled

the router is not overheating - its well ventilated.

i have not messed with anything other then changed the password for the wifi - all other settings are default.




Router - Nighthawk XR500 Pro Gaming Router

   Firmware - V2.3.2.66

   DumaOS - A7Legit

Modem - Technicolor TC8715D - provided by ISP

My Speeds are 110/down and 11/up


DHCP seems to be a big issue right now and some of the reports seem to be close to my issue want to see if i should be going down that road for fixes or maybe updates to the 3.0 beta


i tried to give u guys as much info as i could if u need anything else please ask


Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: XR500 - Connection issues

It is almost certainly the DHCP issue, I would suggest trying the 3.0 beta and see if that helps, do a reset after upgrading. Meanwhile I'm speaking directly to the NG lead on this to see what we can do to get it sorted.
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