Re: XR500 Geo-Filter False Location

XR500 Geo-Filter False Location

Ever since I started playing Modern Warfare 2019 I have a dedicated server continuously showing up on the other side of the US. I live in Southeast US. When i log into Modern Warfare like normal all dedi servers pop up for a few seconds then diappear except one. It is an Amazon server in Oregon and it never goes away. This never happenened in BlackOps 4. I live 150 mile from the server in Atlanta and the best ping I get is 30-40ms (on router). I feel like this Oregon server might have something to do with this. When I check the geolocation in the game it has the correct city where I live also when i look up my ip address it is correct. Can I be connecting to COD servers through that particular one?

Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: XR500 Geo-Filter False Location

This server that doesn't go away on the map, does it have a white ring around it? If it does, this means that it is an authentication server and is required in order for the game to function.


If not it doesn't have a white ring, it might be what the game thinks is the best server for you to connect to, although this doesn't make much sense given it's at the opposite side of the country...


If you put the Geo-Filter into Spectating Mode, does the game still stick with the same server?

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Re: XR500 Geo-Filter False Location

sometimes it has a dotted circle around it  (usually when i have ping assist set at anything but 0). Sometimes it is just a square showing its a dedicated server. I dont think i have seen a solid circle.I attached a pic of my geofilter. The peer is a friend in party chat. The one in Oregon is always there and the one in Europe is there off and on. My friend being in party chat has no affect . Those servers constantly are showing up. In BO4 the EU one was there sometimes but the oregon one is only Modern WarfareIMG_0995[147].JPG

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Re: XR500 Geo-Filter False Location

It actually looks like you're not filtering at all. Do you have the device set to Filtering Mode as it looks as though it may be set to Spectating Mode.
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