XR500 Interference with Cordless Phone


XR500 Interference with Cordless Phone


This may be a known issue with routers and cordless phones, but I thought it might save someone some pain.........


I recently purchased an AT&T cordless phone, which I located a foot or two away from my Nighthawk XR500.  We then started to experince problems during phone calls.  After about 2 mins or so into a phone call, the caller on the other side could not hear us but we could hear them.  They also complained or slightly sub-par call quality.  After doing some quick trouble shooting and research I found out that although DECT 6 (which is the protocol the phone uses) is designed not to interfere with cordless phones, sometimes a router can actually interfere with a cordless phone.  It's odd because on paper DECT 6 uses a 1.9GHz frequency and the XR500, like most routers, uses a 2.4GHz & 5GHz frequency.  So I relocated the phone and the issue disappeared.  This was easier said then done because I had to run a new phone line and drill through a wall! 

Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: XR500 Interference with Cordless Phone

Thanks for posting as most people probably won't be aware of this. From my experience it's a good idea to keep any wireless device - even something like headphones at least 3 feet away from the router.
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