XR500 NON STOP CANARY Error in Destiny 2!!!!


XR500 NON STOP CANARY Error in Destiny 2!!!!

NAT type in xb1 shows open and all other things look good.



Cetury Link DSL Gateway set to bridge mode, cat5 from (modem) to xr500, cat 5 from xr500 to XB1.  


Destiny 2 is the ONLY game I or anything that I seem to be having an issue with.  Canary error, no connection or lost connection to D2 Servers....   Have done hard rest on everything many times. All firmware seems to be up to date.


XR500 is set to be AP mode.  Really frustrated here and its making me not want to play the only thing I really care to do right now.....

Model: XR500| Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: XR500 NON STOP CANARY Error in Destiny 2!!!!

What does the game Mfr support site say about this? If this is the only game that is experiencing problems and others are not, then I would contact the game Mfr support site to see if there is problems with there services. 

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Re: XR500 NON STOP CANARY Error in Destiny 2!!!!

You need to use the Destiny Geo-Filter profile, this will disable Strict Mode which should then prevent the errors you're getting
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