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Re: XR500 Pro Gaming Router PS4PRO error message "Your router may not support ip fragmentation&


XR500 Pro Gaming Router PS4PRO error message "Your router may not support ip fragmentation" HELP

I recently upgraded my internet speed to 1000 dowload and 35 upload speed. Great right! Well my modem I was using Netgear was not compatable so I rented Comcast's GiG modem which I am replacing tomorrow with my own I ordered. A New Netgear Modem that supports gig speed. The problem I am having is this. I normally stream on youtube video game gamplay live and even with the lower speed I had which was up to 500 down and 11 up it was okay. We have alot of devices in the house so we purchased the xr500 to help with control of devices eating up bandwith that dont need it like our bathroom scale.... It seems we added a secrity system with the "ring" doorbell and ever since then the quality if streaming was horrible. I broadcast at 720 high which isnt 60fps but it was nice looking and clear. So I thought well the speed just isnt enough with all these devices. So i upgraded to the 1000 down and 35 up plan and swapped out modems and connected it to my xr500. After all that explanation sorry, the issue I see because I still cant stream even on 720p on ps4 is during the network test on ps4 is "your current router may not support ip fragmentation, some of the ps4 services may not fucntion properly." this never happened before so why would it now. Is it because I have comcasts modem in bridge mode is it possible my new modem which is just a modem which i plan to connect my router too fix the issue. Why would my router not support this when it has for about 6 months. Am I doing something wrong. Some say disable QOS comepletely that it causes issues. But that is why i bought the dang thing for the control. I have tried testing doing the ping www.yahoo.com -f -l 1472 is what I come up with before it gives an error message. I cant even add one to that and Ill get an error message. I changed my router to that I changed my ps4 to that and it still does it every 2 or 3 tests I run. It seems to do it less when I run automatic setup of ps4. Help I just want to enjoy what i have always done on console and finally have the great speed I always dreamed of and now this issue is in front of me. I should be able to stream in 720 high 60 frames or even 1080 p on the low setting. For now I want the message gone and to be able to see a sliver of the speed reach the console. Any help will help thanks! BTW I have comcast in case I didnt mention it.

Model: XR500| Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: XR500 Pro Gaming Router PS4PRO error message "Your router may not support ip fragmentation&

Did you change any MTU settings? If so, revert these back to normal, does the message then clear?

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