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XR500 Router is not reaching modem/router speeds


XR500 Router is not reaching modem/router speeds

Dear all,


I am making this post, because i am running out of options and have no idea where the problem is.


My network structure is as follows

Provider Modem/router -> ProSafe 16 port switch -> Netgear router ( to extend the range of the internet, i am using its wifi and lan )


The problem is now that the provider in my region reaches about 170 mb/s now i was reaching only about 10 mb/s on the netgear router, but after changing the download and upload speeds to 950mb/s the speed went up to about 70mb/s.

Only today it was very slow, when i did a speed test i got about 7 mb/s and on the providers router about 170mb/s. So somewhere something is wrong.


Additionally when i log into the Prosafe switch it shows that the netgear router is only connected with 100mb/s, i tried changing ports but this did not change anything,


So i was wondering if you guys have any ideas or input on what could be the problem and what i could do to resolve the issue.


Regards Kim

Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: XR500 Router is not reaching modem/router speeds

It sounds like the ethernet cable you're using to connect the switch to the router is limited to 100mbps. I would recommend at least a Cat5e ethernet cable so that you can achieve your speeds. I assume you also have devices connected to the switch which will be pulling bandwidth away from the router. So I would suggest for the most optimum setup:

ISP modem/router > XR500 > Switch with Cat5e at least ethernet cables connecting them all together.
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Re: XR500 Router is not reaching modem/router speeds

Thank you for your reply.


I would need to take a look if your suggestions are possible the way may cables run.

All my cables are at least a Cat5e, i dont use any lower cables.


Will try to see if i can find something out this week


Regards Kim

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Re: XR500 Router is not reaching modem/router speeds

When it does a speed test it lock into that speed. I recently went from ADSL2+ to NBN FTTN in australia and it stayed at the old ADSL2+ speed. I had to do a router reset and let it do another speed test which came in alot higher and all was good.

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