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Re: XR500 VPN increasing ping and packet loss


XR500 VPN increasing ping and packet loss

on the latest firmware and im using a vpn. on the dumaos i go to hybrid vpn and where it says vpn traffic i add my playstation 4 system. my downloads drop to 20 mbps and 2 upload mbps. on the apex legends database centre selection my ping is higher and it says im getting 8% packet loss. Geo-filter also doesn't seem to be working properly as its showing low ping times on servers that i'm connecting to that are far away.

Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: XR500 VPN increasing ping and packet loss

The speeds you're getting over VPN sound okay to be honest, I wouldn't expect to get my maximum bandwidth speeds over a VPN. It's strange that the in game ping would differ so dramatically from the Geo-Filter's reading. How is the gameplay? It's possible that the VPN connection is fluctuating and that's why the readings are so different.

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Re: XR500 VPN increasing ping and packet loss

gameplay i couldn't notice a difference, but i canceled my vpn.

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Re: XR500 VPN increasing ping and packet loss

The ping on the game will be higher on the game than shown on the Geo-Filter as they include things like processing times etc into the calculation and the router uses the direct to server ping. What was the difference in pings? The servers far away that had a low ping would have been mislocated, we'll be fixing those in a cloud update. If you find any servers that have a low ping that are far away then let us know the IDs and we can fix them. Using a VPN to play a game most likely would only hinder you and not improve the experience.
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