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XR500 internet time setup and SSH access


XR500 internet time setup and SSH access

Hi experts. Couple of questions for you. I recently bought the XR500 as I got seduced by the DumaOS screens. I previsouly had a Netgear R7000 which I had flashed with DD-WRT Kongo. Liked it a lot but to be honnest the idea of having fancy bandwidth graphs pushed me to the XR500. While the interface is really neat, there are number of features I miss from DD-WRT, and some other upgrades I am hoping for (more icons for the devices e.g. switches, the ability to disconnect a device from the network as the blocking feature works only if the device tries to connect...). I am running version V2.2.1.10 which I believe is the latest one.


To the questions:

- I must be a little tired or something... how do we change the timezone ? Programming the wifi ON/OFF on specific hours would be much easier if the router was set on my timezone...

- is SSH connection blocked ? putty tells me "connection refused"?

- I seem to be able to access the interface thru HTTP or HTTPS... how do I limit to HTTPS?


thanks much!


Model: XR500| Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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NetDuma Partner

Re: XR500 internet time setup and SSH access

Do let us know your suggestions, we love customer feedback!

- Settings > Content Filtering > Schedule.
- Yes it is blocked
- I don't believe there is a way to limit it to HTTPS.
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Re: XR500 internet time setup and SSH access

Thanks! Sorry for missing the way to set the router time, to be honest I was not expecting this one under Content Filtering (would rather see this in Setup or Advanced Settings maybe?).


Limiting to HTTPS would be a neat feature for a next release (only allow TCP:443 e.g.) as well as SSH. If I were to ask for features, I would suggest allowing the user to upload additional device pictures (like PNG format, certain size etc) to represent more devices (or get them from the community), the ability to import/export list of static IP's or static routes, access to cron, ability to poll SNMP (an advanced Traffic Meter) and uploading to a Syslog server. These are good features from DD-WRT I've been using a lot 🙂


Thanks again !

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NetDuma Partner

Re: XR500 internet time setup and SSH access

Great thanks a lot for the suggestions! A lot of those would be covered by Netgears settings so not much that we personally can implement. It may be worth opening a ticket with them with your suggestions so they can pass it on to their dev team.
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Re: XR500 internet time setup and SSH access

Hi ArnaudM,

Thank you for your suggestions. I will be forwarding these ideas to my internal team to review for consideration. :]



- Jason N

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