XR500 - no improvement in Mbps

Hello everyone I hope you are all keeping safe in this crazy period.

I need some advice please. Long story short, I’ve moved back in with my parents in the UK and they have really **bleep** WiFi. They are with SKY and do not have fibre obtic just the old school broadband with the traditional little square black sky hub router. When I do a speed test they get a download speed of around 5/6 mbps (5 for WiFi/6 for Ethernet) and a upload around 0.5 to 0.75 mbps and my ping is around 40.

I brought the XR500 yesterday in the hope once connected it will improve the above and give the WiFi some extra juice as my gf needs download of 20mbps to work from home.

I followed the instructions to connect to the sky WiFi. It failed the SpeedTest so I accepted the estimates it gave me. I assigned QoS 100 per cent to my laptop and ran another speed test. The results were identical with respect to download and upload...

Is there anything else I can do apart from convincing my parents to upgrade to fibre optics once the corona virus settles and engineers can come out and install.

I’m new to this sort of thing but can use google and YouTube if you use lingo I’m not familiar with.
Thanks in advance Smiley Happy
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Re: XR500 - no improvement in Mbps

The XR500 gets its speed from the ISP. If the isp only supplies 5-6mbps, that's all the XR500 is going to provide. It can't go faster than what's supplied to it. 

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Re: XR500 - no improvement in Mbps

As above, no router can improve the speeds you get, the only solution is to upgrade the internet package to one that provides higher speeds. Other potential workaround is to use your phones mobile data (if it is 4G you should get higher speeds) and make a hotspot but you then have data usage to worry about depending on your mobile plan.
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Re: XR500 - no improvement in Mbps

Thanks both for your replies Smiley Happy
I’ve looked in to the WiFi package that they pay monthly and they are allocated 10mbps average speeds so the fact I getting 6mbps is just bad luck I suppose. As soon as this corona situation gets better I’ll persuade the parents we need a much needed upgrade!
Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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