XR500 not getting full speeds with fiber


XR500 not getting full speeds with fiber


I moved into a new place with fiber internet, gigabit speed. In my old apartment I had gigabit cable, which I ran into a modem and then into the 500xr. My speeds were fantastic and I had no issues. I moved into my new apartment which has gig fiber. I plugged the xr500 into the wall, and my wifi was noticeably slower than advertised (maxing around 300 down, 400 up). So I had the internet company come out and look at it. The tech replaced the cat5 with a cat6 cable and plugged into the wall, and his PC was maxing out in the high 700s (his PC couldn't go higher). So we tried the router, and once again it is slower than hell. When I run the internet setup it detects my max speed out of the wall at about 500, but then on wifi I'm still only getting 300-400. What is going on here? Clearly his computer was working so this is incredibly frustrating.
Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: XR500 not getting full speeds with fiber

Just to be sure, have you got all QoS disabled on the router?

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