XR700 DHCP Issues

I have a XR700 gaming router on firmware Now I'm not a networking expert by any means, what I'm typing here is from my own research and what I think I understand now.


So, based off what I've researched, DHCP is what automatically assigns IP address to devices connected to the router. 


Whenever my router is restarted or powered off for any amount of time, several devices across my home don't connect again to the network (they say they can't obtain an IP address). There isn't any connection in device type or operating system (it happens on Mac's, PC's, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Smart TV's, Alexa Echo Show, you name it). Some devices connect within minutes of the deivce powering on, while the rest will take several hours, or in some cases, several days to obtain an IP address. 


I've tried going in and assigning static IP address to the usual suspects, but that doesn't work. If I set the router to have my Mac as static IP, I tell the network settings in my Mac to connect to the mentioned IP, the Mac will connect to that IP, but give me an error saying that another device is connected to (not a typo... it tells me another device is connected to a different IP). 


I've even preformed a factory reset of the router, changing the SSID and Password. This helped, but has reverted back to being painfully slow to connect devices. 


So does anyone have any tips for making these devices connect faster? Or at least help me understand WHY they're connecting so slow?

Model: XR700|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: XR700 DHCP Issues

I would first recommend to update to the very latest firmware: and also quite soon the 3.0 beta will be available so would recommend trying that when available.

Are you using Smart Connect for WiFi?

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