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XR700 Various Issues

Hello All,


As I am now lumped with the XR700 after having it for over a month, I have collated a list of my findings so far regarding a few issues of concern, I am yet to to test the beta firmware in hopes that some of these issues are corrected.


5 Issues:


1. Logs - the logs file is cleared or left blank randomly. I specifically monitor DoS attacks and other SYN/ACK attempts and its becoming increasingly worrying the logs will randomly dissapear for no reason or stop altogether after a number of attempts are made or other information regarding the operation of the device. I've also noticed more since upgrading to the XR700, this is either because the firewall is better than my previous device (R7000 DD-WRT) or this device is doing other things in the background it shouldn't? (like for example it seems to keep reaching out to sync with various servers for themes and what not and I'm wondering if this is some how broadcasting my IP somewhere?) My use case is literally identical as before, before I upgraded.


2. This brings me onto my next question, when running network security checks the following vulnerability is found on the XR700: EDB-31617.A (Bad Access Rights). I have googled this and the short answer seems like a false positive from when there was a flaw, but surely if it was patched this shouldn't be showing up?


3. The USB readyshare is the most infuriating thing in existance, I have populated both USB ports with identical flash drives which populate and display correctly in the storage manager of the dumaOS, however thats as far as it goes, I cannot edit either of these items when selecting them and selecting "EDIT", the edit panel when hitting apply does not function, regardless of how I format the drives in disk managment (under windows), NTFS/exFAT etc. both drives will always display as T_Drive and USB_Storage within the dumaOS, whilst BOTH will always point to the :T\ drive (USB2 port). I cannot edit or locate the second drive's file tree to add/change. The USB_Storage is always pointing to the first drive under T_Drive, I'm at my wits end.


4. I don't think the dumaOS is correctly removing settings when settings have been applied and then later removed via the GUI, for example when enabling QoS you can see bufferbloat is being corrected during testing, however when disabling QoS and turning all features off, QoS continues to work in the background despite being shown and indicated as disabled in the dumaOS, literally the only way to remedy this is to perform a complete erase and reset back to factory defaults (I tested in various browser versions and reset my network adaptors, /release /flushdns /renew etc). A lot of the dumaOS implementation feels like its not clearing settings correctly or leaving cached settings in the same working space of any given menu/setting.


5. The dumaOS GUI is extremely sluggish, like the bloatware you find on a laptop rammed with Norton Anti-Virus for example, needlessly eating up system resources and almost grinding to a halt, this will vary from time to time (the device is kept in a well ventilated and cool area, heat is not the issue) its extremely bad on first startup after a factory reset, which was identical to when I got it out of the box, luckily I am very patient and like troubleshooting, when the pages timed out I would have to open another tab, point to the URL again and resume from the next step within the XR700's setup. The average person would probably presume their device is faulty, although I am beginning to wonder if mine is lol.


I've upgraded from an R7000 which I have been running on since 2013 and went back to DD-WRT since it really stretches its legs with it. I'm starting to wonder if I've made the right choice.


Edgewise I will try out the beta firmware and see how I get on, if anyone could shed some light on my above findings I would be most greatful, any help is appreciated.


Kind regards,



Model: XR700|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: XR700 Various Issues

1. Logs should only clear if the router is rebooted or reset, does that explain your issue at all? It won't be broadcasting your IP at all, no need to worry about that. I wouldn't worry about log entries in general as it is quite verbose and primarily for the developers or if there is a major issue. DoS attack will pretty much appear for anything you interact with on the internet, e.g. go to Facebook and one will likely appear.

2. If it was fixed then I wouldn't worry about it, potentially a reference to it or something like that causing a flag when the cause has been solved. If you're more concerned with this I would suggest contacting Netgear support.

3. Contact Netgear support regarding that as us (Netduma) are not involved with that area of the router so we wouldn't be the best people to ask regarding this.

4. What do you mean exactly, how are you testing that it is still active? How are you disabling QoS?

5. That might be because of the firmware you are on (which we're aware of) but in most cases that should be resolved by clearing cache and cookies on the browser.
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Re: XR700 Various Issues

Firmware: V1.0.1.10

Browser: Chrome: 75.0.3770.100

Windows: 10.0.17773

Intel core i9 9900k(stock)

Modem: Netgear CM1000


Signed up on the forum so I can confirm number 5.  The sluggishness.  I did a factory reset and that process was difficult.   I cleared cache / cookies, etc before accessing the web interface for the first time on factory reset and it was pretty bad.  The speed test went on longer than 10 minutes and I had to start again by reloading the page.  It then detected the correct download and upload and I moved on.  That froze up after several minutes and I continued this pattern for quite awhile.  Reloading and resuming.  Sometimes the steps went through.  Sometimes the pages wouldn't finish loading.   

Just wanted to add another confirmation on post factory reset configuration issues of the current firmware. I've never ran anything before this firmware so I have nothing else to compare to. In general, pages are slow to load, but the factory reset is something that will definitely scare someone.


Model: XR700|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: XR700 Various Issues

That's very strange because I've not really heard anything like that, it's always been quite stable. I have asked @Christian_R to add you to the beta forum so you can try the newest firmware there and see if that resolves the issues.
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Re: XR700 Various Issues

Try the beta. The Ui is faster using the beta...

My Setup (Cable 900Mbps/50Mbps)>CAX80>RBK853 v3.1.15.32(Router Mode)
Additional NG HW: C7800/CM1100/CM1200, Orbi CBK40, RBK50, R7800, R7960P,
EX7500/EX7700, XR450 and WNHDE111
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Re: XR700 Various Issues

what's always been stable? lol

Model: XR700|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: XR700 Various Issues

The setup wizard has always been rather stable, I’ve not seen issues like this before but try the beta it may perform better.
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