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XR700 and Wifi Mesh


XR700 and Wifi Mesh

Hi there,


Wanted to know what the best mesh solution will be for my router? Can I use the Nighthawk Mesh Wifi 6 and, more importantly, is there any advantage of going down this route with the router that I currently have? Or do I go with the Orbi Mesh solution instead?

Thanks in advance.

Model: XR700|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: XR700 and Wifi Mesh

I don't believe mesh is supported currently. If you need to extra range then an extender may be the best route to go for now.
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Re: XR700 and Wifi Mesh

You could use an extender. If you're needing more than 1, I'd go with a full mesh system like orbi. 

If you go with a mesh system, you could put the mesh system in AP (access point) mode and use the XR700 as the controlling router. 

then you get the best of both. You get the increased performance (lower ping/latency) from the XR700 and the increased coverage from a mesh system. 

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Re: XR700 and Wifi Mesh

You could use either MESH system. However the XRs wifi will not be utilized and need to be turned OFF. I have don't with with my XR router and installed a Orbi AX MESH system in AP mode. 

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