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Re: XRM570 Wifi DHCP Issue

NetDuma Partner

Re: XRM570 Wifi DHCP Issue

The only fix for this will be a software fix from the NG devs, while this is something they're working on I don't have a specific ETA on that but I'm hoping it will be relatively soon. Given it was caused by power fluctuations I think the only thing you can do is to reboot it
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Re: XRM570 Wifi DHCP Issue

I "solved" the issue without rebooting:


  1. Disabled XR as a DHCP server.
  2. Installed DDWRT software in my R9000 (which was operating without problems until I decided to upgrade to XR).
  3. Configured the R9000 to work only as a DHCP server.
  4. Everything is working flawlessly. WITHOUT REBOOTING THE XR.

So... there is definitely a very serious issue with DHCP on the XR.


I think it is a lack of respect on the part of Netgear that they don't solved this problem yet. If you search on this forum or Google, you'll find people with same problem. It's a shame that the experience of the users and DumaOS, is affected by this HUGE issue.


DHCP functionality is basic on all routers. I describe this issue like: A glass of water that cannot hold water.


Hoping that Netgear fix this soon.


Thank you for all your support Liam and Fraser.

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NetDuma Partner

Re: XRM570 Wifi DHCP Issue

Well done for working out your own solution!


Thanks for your feedback too, we're aware that it's very disruptive for the users that experience it.


Keep an eye on the forum for when a fix is released, thanks again for your patience.

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Re: XRM570 Wifi DHCP Issue

@conkerick wrote:

I already did it on my phone and laptop: The problem persists. Only after rebooting several times, does it allow me to connect without problems.


Right now it is working after rebooting several times.



I had the same issue and it was working only after rebooting many times.


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Re: XRM570 Wifi DHCP Issue

@Netduma-Liam wrote:

Thanks for the detail, I'm unable to see the screenshots you've provided yet as they presumably need to be moderated.


There isn't currently a known issue with DHCP on the Nighthawk Pro Gaming routers, however it's quite rare relative to the amount of users. Netgear are aware of this and have been investigating it for some time, from my understanding the cause of the problem is known so it's a case of fixing that now.


It's interesting that this issue crops up for you on a seemingly monthly basis, that would suggest to me that the issue isn't occuring because of a lease expiry.


Have you experienced this on all firmware's or did this only occur from .114 onwards?

Thanks for the  detailed info.

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